Web Seam Welder


The WS-72 web seamer station is equipped with a Lincoln Power Wave AC/DC welders and Max-Sa controls.  The WS-72 utilizes unique magnets that pull the web plates down to the copper back-up bar.  The copper back-up bar is designed with a small flux groove and is fixtured into an aluminum water-cooled sub-bar.

WS 72 minThe WS-72 Web Splice Station incorporates “pull down” type magnets.  This unique design provides adequate power for sheets up to ½” while providing the operator an open easy to access weld area without top clamps.




4950WS-72 Control Station Provides the Operator Control over all Conveyors, Hydraulic Web Squaring and Weld Speed Control. The Lincoln MAX-SA10 control Panel is Integrated for easy access and Speed Control.




 4957Franklin “3015” Gantry system with dual-row magnets provide web pick and placement at the WS-72 web splice station.  Due to various shapes and storage methods, the gantry is controlled by a 4 -position joystick control.

- 72” maximum web width

- Vacuum recovery system

- ½” web thickness

- Water-cooled backup bar. (water chiller optional)

- AC/DC Power Wave

- Material pull-down magnets

- Operators station with 10-A control


- 180-degree rotation for stacking tapered webs

- Heavy duty bearing with Hydraulic slew bearing





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